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Advanced Spotlight Searches

I use Spotlight all the time and I love it. It hasn't replaced the old nested folder system for me yet, but I can't imagine operating without it. There are a couple things about Spotlight that I don't like however, and one of them is the lack of boolean operations.

If you're unfamiliar with the term, boolean operations refers to the terms "AND", "OR", and "NOT" in searches. Those terms make it possible to narrow down search results significantly. Spotlight will have that capability in Leopard, but that's a long way off. What can we do now?

There are a couple built in terms you can use with Spotlight to help trim the fat off of those huge search results.

By adding, "kind:" to your searches you can specify the type of file you want to be included in your results. For example, searching for "train" will return every document that includes that name, but searching for "train kind:music" will return only music that includes the term "train" somewhere in it's info. Try out some of these modifiers and see for yourself:

- Applications kind:application, kind:applications, kind:app
- Contacts kind:contact, kind:contacts
- Folders kind:folder, kind:folders
- Email kind:email, kind:emails, kind:mail message, kind:mail messages
- iCal Events kind:event, kind:events
- iCal To Dos kind:todo, kind:todos, kind:to do, kind:to dos
- Images kind:image, kind:images
- Movies kind:movie, kind:movies
- Music kind:music
- Audio kind:audio
- PDF kind:pdf, kind:pdfs
- Preferences kind:system preferences, kind:preferences
- Bookmarks kind:bookmark, kind:bookmarks
- Fonts kind:font, kind:fonts
- Presentations kind:presentations, kind:presentation

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