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iPhoto's Secret Retouch Options

Have you ever tried to use the retouch tool in iPhoto on your cousin's pimple only to discover that the area it effects is so large it blurs his entire face? Have you ever attempted to use the red-eye tool on some photos from your family reunion and ended up with an even more demonic looking grandmother than before? Well, there is a solution to these problems.

As it turns out, iPhoto's retouch and red-eye tools are very much customizable. Try this:

- Select either red-eye or retouch, then press Caps Lock, Ctrl and 9 simultaneously.
- Press Tab. If the cursor changes you did it right.
- Now press the "[" and "]" keys to resize the brush. (If you are using the retouch tool, try using the "{" and "}" keys as well to change intensity, or hit Tab again to adjust lightness)
- Retouch till your heart's content. Blemished friends and family rejoice!

Facinating eh? Now why on earth would this useful feature be entirely undocumented?

via MacOSXhints - a hint I submitted, actually

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